About AluVM

AluVM (algorithmic logic unit VM) is a pure functional RISC virtual machine designed for deterministic portable computing tasks. It was designed & implemented by Dr Maxim Orlovsky at Pandora Prime AG and maintained by LNP/BP Standards Association.
Unlike many other virtual machines, AluVM is register-based and does not allow random memory access. This makes AluVM perfectly suited for such domains as smart contracts, remote code execution, distributed & edge computing because of AluVM determinism combined with unprecedented robustness and possibility of formal code analysis.

Key characteristics

  • Exceptionless
  • Portability
  • Sandboxing
  • Security
  • Extensibility
Instruction set architecture (ISA) supports extensions, which allows creation of runtime environments targeting different use cases.

Using AluVM

The simplest way to use AluVM is AluREX: a runtime environment, package manager & developer toolchain which allows creation, distribution & execution of Alu binaries.
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